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How do they do what they do?

Bronze casting

Bronze casting

A rubber mold is made from the original

Hot wax is poured into it creating a hollow
copy of the sculpture.

Tubes of wax (vents) are added so that when
the molten bronze is poured into the final
ceramic mold, the air can escape.

A ceramic mold is made over the wax: the wax is dipped in a ceramic liquid and then covered with a fine sand and dried. It is then dipped, covered with sand and dried repeatedly until the proper thickness is reached.

On the day of the casting, the ceramic mold is heat-ed to around 2,000 degrees:

-First, to let the wax melt out of the mold (lost waxprocess)
-Second, to set the ceramic shell
-Third, to heat the mold so it will not crack when
the intensive heat of the molten bronze is poured into it

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