What is the platform?

As an artist, I just want to be an artist and create.  As I crossed over from being
an artist, to a professional-artist, I realized I also needed to be a business person.


Recognizing how challenging this be, I decided to create a platform that simplifies the process for other artists.  Artists like me, who just want to create.

Show in our Guerneville gallery or beta test our platform
I'm interested in:

establish your business

We take artists through the process of establishing themselves online and

offline by  providing a step by step process
for acquiring all the necessary registrations
and filings needed as a small business.


present your work

Whether you are perceived as professional vs unprofessional is often formed from how you present your work. So important!


To make this easier, we include:

Virtual gallery tours with a first-user's perspective as
they journey through your own virtual experience.

Online art editing tools so your images are show ready.

Online giclee print ordering and framing integration.

Brick and mortar space planning, resources and advice.

Art Gallery

manage your business

You can spend more time creating and less time managing with our easy to use management and integration capabilities:

Inventory management system for tracking monitoring and tracking your merchandise


Analytics will give you key insights into user behavior on your gallery page. What gets the most views or comments.


Integration of POS systems are immensely helpful for automated payment systems


Shipping, packing and insurance are a great features to have for your online store.


Business operation systems help manage your expenses and budgeting


develop and grow your own following of buyers and lovers of your art

Exposure is important

Social network management so you can post art to any of your social networks and have users link back to your online gallery where they can buy it what you've shared.


Develop a community on platform where you can invite folks to follow you comment or like your work and be part of a conversation through your own news feed.

Join artist groups or create you own and be part of the artist community.


Enter art contests and win cash prizes and get promoted across the Oli Gallery network!

Its Free!


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