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Clay Vajgrt



“We sit in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows”   
                                            —Robert Frost

SuperMonks and Peace Heroes


In my artwork I portray ancient wisdoms fused with pop culture icons.


My childhood was rife with fantasies of Superheroes and other warrior types who were always portrayed within their mostly violent world.

I have re-created these warriors into new peaceful heroes. I find those who can be at peace in this world to be my new heroes. These “SuperMonks” have a sense of humor and yet engage a peaceful energy as they turn their backs on the crazy world to take a breath and have a moments peace. The viewer can go there with them as my paintings are more about what the heroes are doing ( or not doing) than the figures themselves.


Mythologies from around the world have captivated me since childhood. Superheroes in comics were there for me to engage my mind with some of the classic personal struggles that I found present in many classic myths. The experience of losing the Ego into something larger is the main theme in many hero myths and in eastern philosophies.


The sitting figure symbolizes this letting go for me. I hope the monks can inspire,heal, and maybe turn up a smile.

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