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Artist Submissions

16215 Main Street #1,

Guerneville Ca



+1 707 604 7214


We are always open to new submissions. If you fit with our brand and gallery direction we will follow up. Please understand we get a lot of submissions so we generally reply if you are a fit only.  If you would like to submit artwork, please follow the criteria below:

Please send a link of your work to and indicate which pieces you'd like us to see and are they available to show in a few months time. OR images of 3 pieces which includes:


• Full Name

• Title

• Medium

• Sizes

• If framed please include a picture of the framed piece against a white background

• One detail image 

• One of just the art, no frame, unless the frame is part of the art.



• Jpeg format

• 72 resolution

• No larger than 2000 pxl on its largest size.


If showing in the gallery:

3. Items should be shot against a white or neutral background so they can show well. If framed include an image in frame as well.


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