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Guerneville is a riot of small shops and galleries, and odds are good you’ll see artists in action at both Oli Gallery... More


                                          —Sonoma Magazine

Guerneville’s Saturday Stroll from 5 - 8 p.m.

Join local artists and galleries in the friendly river town for a relaxing Saturday evening stroll through the many unique artist-owned galleries and studios downtown. Visit the studios and galleries, appreciate the beautiful local arts & crafts, and enjoy some delicious foods all in the heart of the Russian river and redwoods. More

                                —Sonoma County Gazette

Located in the heart of Guerneville and right on the Russian River, Oli Gallery exhibits an array of original works and giclee prints for art lovers to indulge in and collect.  More

If you were to only look at Guerneville through the lens of seasonal news coverage, you would be forgiven if you mistook the wine country river town as a dress rehearsal for the End Times. Fires, floods, drought, and occasional plagues of tourists notwithstanding, sensational headlines may turn a page or two but it doesn’t serve the real story of what’s happening there, which is something of a cultural renaissance. More
                                                                                                                                      — The Bohemian


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