Block Print, Acid Etch Edition Number 10 of 30

Print Size: 16" x 18"

Frame Size: 17" x19"

Year: 2008


"G Girl?" is a calibration of the female form. This was one of the first pieces the strayed from the traditions of Intaglio (printmaking). I’m a sign maker by trade and graphic artist/designer and have taken my field of work into my art. I found it amazing to find that my sign making techniques and tools made such a seamless translation into my love for intaglio. I am unaware of any other artist that us using my techniques. This piece was inspired and the image taken from the San Francisco Lesbian gay pride parade in 2008 I had recently broken up with my partner and my friend who was going to be marching in the parade as one of the drummers in Sista Boom asked me to join her in the front of the parade. She said it should take my mind off the break up and that I would have an amazing time. She was right on all fronts. Thank you Patricia.

G Girl