Under My Control on Hand Made Paper Etching/Print Edition Number 10


Size 9"x12"

Paper Size 16"x20"

Framed: 21" x 25"

Year: 2008


Under My Control is a calibration of the female form. This was one of the first pieces that strayed from the traditions of Intaglio (printmaking).

I’m a sign maker by trade and graphic artist/designer and have taken my field of work into my art. I found it amazing to find that my sign making techniques and tools made such a seamless translation into my love for intaglio.

I am unaware of any other artist that us using my techniques. On a side note this piece was made with hand made paper made by me. The paper pulp that was used was old proof etchings that I made that would usually been tossed out. Intaglio going full circle.

Under My Control