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Rebecca Fox

My work challenges perceptions of process and material while often utilizing positive and negative space to infer and suggest closer examinations of balance, form, shape and texture through my abstracted use of metal and patina. My work explores the contradiction of material and process by transforming steel and bronze to appear soft and delicate, resulting in work that evokes contemplation, balance and calm.


Metal is a contradiction in itself; it is a hard heavy material but with the perfect combination of heat, gases and tools, it can be manipulated, melted, formed and changed. I continuously push the boundaries of the material by transforming it to appear light and delicate. I achieve this by using my various metalworking tools to heat, bend, weld and alter the material, often composing pieces that have flowing lines combined with contrasting textural elements. Throughout my work, I invite the viewer in to explore the subtle textures and depth and dimensions created in the work as expressed through the material.


A large part of my work is about the process: hiding and grinding down welds to give the piece a look of continuous flow which encourages contemplation and further investigation into the material, process and form. By applying various patinas, chemicals and finishes, I further soften the material and give the work a cohesive look and feel.


Moon Glow

Metal Sculpture Relief

23.5 x 23.5

Exhibiting in the de Young Open 2023

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