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Erik Paul

 Etching   Mixed Media   Sonoma County 


In the early 90s I stumbled upon my passion, printmaking. On a whim andneeding three more college credits, I added Beginning Etching to my
class schedule taught by renowned print maker Kevin Fletcher, who later became my mentor and very dear friend.

I was amazed to find that you could make art by just taking a copper,zinc or most any other metal or flat material, to print multiple copies of your artwork. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, I always loved working with my hands, building cars (VWs), furniture, sculptures, and just figuring out how things work in general.

Professionally, I made a career in graphic design and sign making. I found that this worked hand in hand with my artistic passion,printmaking and I started to incorporating sign making techniques into my art to develop print making techniques that I believe are new to the printmaking community.

Using a computer and sign making tools & materials, I can make more accurate and precise images, which I can then transfer to my etching plates. Being able to find a correlation between my profession and my art has been a revelation and a pleasant surprise. Recently, I incorporated these techniques into my painting. I never dreamed that my skills as a sign maker would serve as a catalyst for my artistic

I sincerely hope you find joy viewing what I have created, as I found much joy in creating it. Erik Paul