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Sonoma County |  Painter

Dominique Pfahl

...long walks in the fields and woods of Provence, where beautiful gardens were filled with colorful birds, insects and the like— Dominique Pfahl

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Dominque Pfahl

Emerging Artist

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Established Artist

DeYoung Open 23/22

Experienced Artist 
Works on commission

"When the pandemic hit and we all began wearing masks, I was building the collages on a base of old-world portraits, allowing only the eyes to be exposed, surrounded by flora and fauna that was clipped and altered from historical art and nature books."


Dominique Pfahl

After many years of creating floral designs and environments at my San Francisco store, Floréal, I began the process of closing shop and shifting gears. I have often regretted the ephemeral nature of working with fresh flowers, and as I began digging through my extensive collection of dried flowers and foliage, I found inspiration. Ever the creator, my idle hands and eyes cast towards a new medium for my compositions.

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