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Join Oli Gallery and Equality Wines

Art and Wine

This season we are pairing five varietals.

16214 Main Street  |  Guerneville, Ca

Thursday: 2-6PM  |  Friday: 12-7 PM  |  Saturday: 12-7 PM  |  Sunday: 12-6 PM

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Finding Color in all this Colbalt
Acrylic on Canvas  |  60 x 36

Some of us see color where others cannot and those who have this unique vision to lead us forward and out of the blue.

instigator-for-pos-1690396606985 copy.jpg

Cabernet  |  Grown at the highest elevation Cabernet - Pine Mountain, Cloverdale 

Honoring J
ohn Arthur, the unknown activist of marriage equality and a true instigator.  John was a friend to all and a husband to one, Jim Obergefell. John's love for Jim, and his determination to have their marriage recognized by the state of Ohio, is at the heart of the 2015 marriage equality decision Obergefell v Hodges. 

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Ferran Torras 
Acrylic • Mixed • 3D Collage  |  16 x 320

Everyone else can deal... I've gone rollerskating!


Get Your Own Damn Coffee
Melissa Kuhn  |  Chardonnay 

A wine that helps you find your power and say, do it yourself, I need to roller skate.
Hints of Citrus, Ginger, Lime and French Oak.
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Leaving Texas
Dominique Pfahl  |  Collage • Mixed Media  |  20 x 20

An absolutely stunning protest piece! Following Texas' decision to abolish a woman's right to chose, artist Dominque Pfahl left her Texas residence and migrated to us!

CleanShot 2023-06-12 at 14.12.10_2x.png

Sauvingnon Blanc  • Cold fermented in stainless Steel

CHOICE Sauvignon Blanc supports a woman's fundamental right to make her own personal and private health care decisions. 
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Drink Equality
David Winters
Oil • Encaustic • Mixed Media  |  20 x 16

When you drink "Equality" you spread equality. A piece that says join us for a glass of rose' and help change the world!


Rose the Riveter
Rose'  • Grenache, Zinfandel, Cinsault and Carignane from a 101-year-old vineyard in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley

Celebrating the spirit of a movement and the fight for dignity and equality. 
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Frolicking Floaters
Amy Sopinski
Oil on Wood Panel  |  8 x 8

Sometimes you just want to hang out with the girls and have a laugh!


Big Bottom Bubbly
Sparkling Blanc de Blanc • 100% Chardonnay

A sparkling wine to enjoy with the ones who make you smile! D
ry, light, crisp, light notes of beautiful green apple and tropical notes. Reserve your pairing

Frolicking Floaters 8x8_edited.jpg
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