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Sonoma County |  Painter

Elena Guryeva

My intention is to convey to the viewer my emotions, ideas, and perspective from an angle that differs from our daily encounters..
Elena Guryeva


Art show and solo venue: Down River April 6 More

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Elena Guryeva

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"In creating these paintings, I juxtapose the natural world with the digital realm to address the role that technology occupies in our society. Each pixel, or square, floats and levitates in my landscapes, assembling a narrative, like pieces of a puzzle activating the transformative forces that exist in Nature."


Elena Guryeva is a San Francisco Bay Area artist who grew up in Russia.

A former practicing architect, Elena has since lived in several diverse countries. Upon her move to Belgium, she began making art. After her relocation to Santiago, Chile in 2017, Guryeva joined a group of artists and dedicated herself full time to painting.


In 2020 she completed her studies in History of Art and Contemporary Gallery Management at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. Since 2021, Elena has been living and working as an artist in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

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