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Monica Becker - Abstract Expressionist

Monica was born in upstate New York, the third of four children to young European immigrants. Her mother, a homemaker, loved music, and her father, a thriving commercial painter was a talented pencil artist in his own right.


During her early years, she attended art and drama classes, which helped to spark her artistic nature. Dabbling in pottery and jewelry design, she was consistently thrilled when creating something new. But, it wasn’t until later in life that her interest in fine art soared. After moving to Northern California and raising three children, she took on a position working for a renowned publisher, coordinating the print production of museum collections around the world.


She describes it as very fascinating to view speculator artworks up close, created in many different mediums, even having the opportunity to hold originals by well known artists, to explore the accomplished talents of some of the true masters that we have become to admire.


Today, you can find her at home, paintbrush in hand, classical music streaming in the background. Currently using acrylic and a paste medium she paints with purpose, to evoke a notion or feeling. To not necessarily depict but to cite a lasting and subjective emotion.

"I want the viewer to discover nuances, maybe seek out something familiar or extraordinary, to spark interest, to look up close and envision a place, a memory, or a dream once forgotten."


(Most of Monica's frames are handcrafted with sustainable accoya, and some are fire charred by using an ancient Japanese method of preservation called Shou Sugi Ban.)

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