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Artist Submissions

16215 Main Street #1,

Guerneville Ca


Ways to be part of Oli Gallery

1. Invitational

Oli Gallery hosts 4 seasonal, thematic shows every year. The gallery choses a Sonoma County

charity or non-profit who benefits from the opening night and any art auctions it hosts during the shows duration. This is invitation only but we encourage folks to look at our membership as an option to be part of the gallery in the interim.

2. Membership

The gallery has a strictly curated and diverse membership. We are always full, but keep our members on rotation so the art never goes flat and so we can sample as many wonderful artists that Sonoma County has to offer. If you are interested in being a member please follow the submission guide below.


1. Membership is $225/mo

2. 3 month initial commitment required

3. Commission structure: 65% Artist - 35% Gallery 

PLEASE NOTE: Oli Gallery is a very active gallery and we get a lot of inquiries—please be patient.


We are always open to new submissions. If you fit with our brand and gallery direction we will follow up. Please understand we get a lot of submissions so we generally reply if you are a fit only.  If you would like to submit artwork, please follow the criteria below:

Please send a link of your work to and indicate which pieces you'd like us to see and are they available to show in a few months time. OR images of 3 pieces which includes:


• Full Name

• Title

• Medium

• Sizes

• If framed please include a picture of the framed piece against a white background

• One detail image 

• One of just the art, no frame, unless the frame is part of the art.



• Jpeg format

• 72 resolution

• No larger than 2000 pxl on its largest size.


If showing in the gallery:

3. Items should be shot against a white or neutral background so they can show well. If framed include an image in frame as well.


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