Moshe Dayan


  • @lubas0622


I  am a self-taught artist from India. My love for art, mystery and beauty is innate which I have been nurturing through constant seeking and training.


Although I have been an artist from the beginning, I only took art as a full time profession about ten years ago. For sometime in the beginning, I worked mostly with watercolors owing to the irresistible charm of the medium but I am at the moment exploring other media as well.


My aesthetics are simple and my approach to art is straightforward. I believe, in a world that is becoming increasingly rational and
asymmetrically  intellectual, man is caught up in an incessant conflict between reason and emotion and is in need of a way out .


This is precisely why art is more relevant today than ever.Art,I believe ,helps us in getting our priorities right. Provides answers and opens  our eyes to the dimensions that    reason can never reach. As an artist therefore, I am primarily concerned with the immediate sensual impressions. I look at the world around unburdened by  the intellectual fetters and try to present what
I see in the most uncomplicated way I can.