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Coming Events 2024


Celebrate American Nostalagia

A tour of our history, through art and design.

A 6 venue progressive event

Dann and Merchan

A dual showing of work that creates edge and expands our minds to see things both differently and the same.

Pouring Wine

Oli at Masonic Lodge

Join featured artists Terry Holleman every weekend — accompanied by a musical permformer. Current - June 24


Painting Events

Join one of our live painting events or reception starting in April - November 

Past Events:
Down.River: Current - June 24
Gather: March 3 abstract feature.
Gather: POP December 31 - Guerneville Location
Imagine: November 23 - Petaluma Location
Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County Charitable Event
Flag in the Map,  Guerneville Pride: October 23 
Gilbert Baker Foundation Charitable Event
Redwood: August 23 - Guerneville Location
Stewards of Sea and Redwoods Charitable Event 
See It Here, See It There: July 23 - Petaluma Location
Unexpected Bohemian: March 23 - Guerneville Location
Holiday Bazaar: December 22 - Petaluma Location
Holiday Bazaar: November 22 - Guerneville Location
Create: August 22 - Guerneville Location
The Refresh: August 22 - Petaluma Location
Pop! The Show: June 22 - Guerneville Location
Spring has Sprung: March 22 - Guerneville Location
Winter at the River: February 22 - Guerneville Location
Fall Colors: October 21 - Guerneville Location
Outdoor Sparkling Saturday: July 21 - Guerneville Location

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