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Sonoma County |  Painter | Sculptor

Richard Merchán

To start painting is like opening a bottle of wine. The conversation flows — Richard Merchán

Art show and solo venue: Down River April 6 MORE

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Richard Merchán

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"Navigating with only part of the map."


For Merchán, exploration is imperative — traditional studies in serenity grow bold in hi’s newer work, taking on broad strokes and a Fauvist palette.

Richard divides his time between California’s Sonoma County and Greenwood, Minnesota, revisiting, reimagining, and reworking subjects he has come to know over a lifetime’s work.


Two thousand miles and 180 degrees away, Merchán embraces a more intimate approach. Amid the vineyards and coastlines of his country home, Merchán turns to plein air painting — “one-take” studies, the province of the truly assured.


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