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down • river
A transformative experience that challenges the conventional
and unveils the extraordinary.

Currently Up April — June

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Oli Gallery at

the Masonic

Oli Gallery - Solo Shows

Featuring: Terry Holleman
Step into the backroads of Sonoma County and you'll find preserved honky-tonkys and roadhouses. Where Terry finds his inspiration!


Merchan at

Oli Gallery - Solo Shows

Featuring: Richard Merchan

See a breathtaking show down•river Collection

Screen Shot 2024-01-16 at 12.29.25 PM.jpeg

Elena Guryeva


A motivation sparked by the changes that materialize in nature and often, are part of a natural cycle.

The amazing works of Stan Dann (1931 - 2013)⠀⁠

See unseen works by the amazing and masterful Stan Dann. Californian artist creating reliefs from carved wood.

A must see and a rare opportunity to experience the works of a truly iconic artist and an important figure in the craft and California art movement

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